Which Is Best For Newborn Babies, a Crib Or Bassinet?

Choosing where your baby will sleep is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make about your nursery. Since newborns sleep a lot, it means they’ll spend the better part of their time in their sleeping space. Therefore, in addition to getting them a place to rest, it’s important to ensure they’re safe while sleeping. In every nursery, there are always two furniture options meant for your baby’s rest – either a bassinet or a crib. While both serve the same purpose, sometimes it isn’t easy to decide which one best suits your baby – is it a bassinet or a crib? Well, to help you narrow down the decision, we’ll look at some of the key differences between these two and leave you to make your judgment on what’s suitable for you.

What’s the Difference?

The most obvious difference between the two is the size – a crib is fairly larger than a bassinet and takes a lot more space. If you have limited space, a bassinet would do as its smaller in size and also very portable. Additionally, unlike cribs, bassinets have lower sides and you don’t have to lean over to place your baby inside, and for parents who value usability, they’re the best option.

On the other hand, cribs can be used for much longer than cabinets – some can even be converted into toddler beds once the little one grows up. Unlike cribs, bassinets normally have a weight limit, and, therefore, can only be used during the baby’s first few months. In terms of cost, cribs are typically more expensive than bassinets, but since they’re long-lasting, it’s worth spending handsomely on them.

So, What Should You Consider?

Whether you want a crib or bassinet, the first thing you should consider is space. Is it big enough to accommodate a crib, or it can only hold a sizeable bassinet? If your bedroom isn’t very spacious, it might be difficult to fit a crib alongside your bed, and in this case, a bassinet would do. However, even for those who have bigger houses, a bassinet is a good investment for the first few months since it’s portable, and thus, you can always have your baby around you all the times. Moreover, bassinets are less costly, though you’ll still need to buy a crib later as your baby grows.

How about safety? Generally, cribs are safer than bassinets, and this is one of the main reasons they’re preferred by most parents. Due to their high sides, your baby is protected from any form of interruption from a small child, or a pet that may try to climb inside the crib or pull them out. Moreover, unlike the bassinet, a crib has a firmer sleeping surface that protects your baby from suffocation.

Whether you should use a bassinet or a crib, solely depends on your preferences. If you want something cheaper and portable, a bassinet would do, but if you want something long-lasting and safer for your child, a crib is the best option. Just like modern nightstands or any other bedroom furniture, cribs and bassinets are available in online stores. Feel free to check them online once you’ve made up your mind on what’s best for you.

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