Improve Your Child’s Reading Ability With The LeapFrog Tablet LeapPad2

After the tremendous success of the original LeapPad in 2011, LeapFrog introduced the latest version, the LeapPad2. Now offering more fun than ever before, the LeapPad2 is perfect for children who are between the ages of 3 to 9. With LeapFrog, parents feel confident that their kids will receive age-appropriate educational entertainment with a kid-tough design.

What Can the LeapPad2 do For Your Child?

With the LeapPad2 comes the opportunity to play educational apps and games. They will not only challenge your kids but inspire them to learn. Children can practice hundreds of different skills at the right, individual pace for them. They can practice in subjects like math and science with this tablet. As your child’s skills develop, the games automatically become more challenging. This progress will be remembered into each new game and from book to book. The learning with this tablet keeps on advancing.

Children will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride due to the built-in hints and tutorials. Instead of the tablet simply giving your child the answer, it offers them instruction.

When it comes to helping enhance a child’s reading ability, the LeapPad2 is at the top of the list. When your child uses the new Learn to Read series and other Ultra eBooks, they will have the opportunity to improve their phonics, comprehension and vocabulary skills. Your child’s reading level will continuously be challenged as the difficulty automatically increases as they read and play. Plus, one of the LeapPad2’s vital features allows children to touch the text on the screen in order to receive help with sounding out words.

Parents Enjoy Being Updated on Their Child’s Progress

There are really good reasons why parents love LeapFrog. The LeapPad2 allows parents to keep up with how well their child is doing. With the LeapFrog Learning Path, parents can see how their child progresses. They can view where their children excels and where they need a little more support. Emails are also available to give parents specific learning tips and it gives them the opportunity to share their child’s achievements with others. Plus, with the LeapPad2 parents can create more specific learning by entering their child’s spelling lists or math problems into certain games.

Other Great Features

Featured with this product are front and back cameras and video recorders. The touch screen allows children to write, tap and draw with a stylus. Reading will also be more of an interactive experience because children can use the voice recording and motion-based play features. If they shake, twist or turn the tablet they can experience fun new things.

Also included with the LeapFrog’s learning tablet are five apps; Pet Pad, Cartoon Director, Learning Songs and Art Studio. Plus, kids can select one of four popular apps that they can download for free to their tablet. The Pet Pad app allows kids to be able to create and care for a very special pet. Let the creativity of your child grow with the Cartoon Director and Art Studio apps.

The characters of the most popular TV shows, movies and storybooks will spring to life through the amazing animation of the LeapPad2. Keep your kids engaged and continuously learning with the wonderful toy.

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