Want to Play with Pinks: Choose Rose Gold & Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink is a color of care, compassion, gracefulness, sweetness, and unconditional love. With so many strong meanings attached to a single hue, it is no wonder that diverse shades of pink have found their way in several weddings. Have you also fall in love with this youthful hue, and want to incorporate it to your wedding color palette? If yes, then start with spreading this hue in the bridesmaid dresses. Playing with diverse pink hues can give you the inspiration that you need to settle on the perfect color combination for your D-day.

Are you ready to see your bridal squad in a pinkish hue but not sure which shade to choose? Here we have listed down a few shades of pink including rose gold and blush that can bring your wedding day vision to life. Take a look.

  1. Rose gold

If you want a stunning bridesmaid look but don’t want to let go of the charm that entails a wedding, then rose gold will be the perfect shade for your bridesmaids. The luxe glow of the color goes well with the glitz and glamor of a wedding. Classy, feminine, and stunning, this color is universally flattering on every complexion and can make wedding details pop. And this is why brides and their crew members love this shade. As rose gold bridesmaid dresses come in different shades, you can easily pick the shade or a combination of different shades to distinguish your bridesmaids from others. If you prefer a minimalistic look, then go for a simple rose gold bridesmaid dress. And if you want to spread a dazzling vibe, then let your girls ensemble themselves in rose gold sequin dresses. However, if you are in search of understated elegance, choose a shimmer bridesmaid dress in rose gold for your maids. They will adore the whimsical feel of these shimmer dresses. Some stunning wedding combinations of rose gold include:

  • Rose Gold, Blush, and Navy – Rose gold is a metallic color, which has a big visual impact. If you want your special day to be luxe yet dreamy, then pair this hue with softer colors like blush and ivory.
  • Rose Gold and Navy– Do you want to go bold? Then, add rose gold and navy to your wedding color palette. Strong but feminine, this color scheme will satisfy both your bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • Rose Gold, Pale Pink, and Charcoal– If your wedding is in the fall or winter, add charcoal to darken the illumination of metallic rose gold.
  1. Blush

This fairytale color is so popular that modern brides-to-be are selecting this hue for the big day of their lives. As this color is both versatile and timeless, you will never go wrong with blush bridesmaid gowns in both short and long styles. Available in different sizes and design options, these beautiful dresses will bring a smile to the faces of your girls. Here are some wow-worthy combos that you can pick to make your big day an event to remember:

  • Blush, Gold, and Navy– Navy will give your blush some edge while adding gold will give a luxe vibe.
  • Desert hues– If you want a desert-inspired wedding, ask your bridesmaid to choose dresses in tan, brown, blush and English rose. Play up the desert theme with succulents, copper tones, and potted cacti.
  • Light blue, Sage and Blush – When these three soft colors come together, they create an absolutely whimsical wedding.

So, wait no more, and opt for a shop that offers various shades of pink dresses along with cheap bridesmaid dresses, and pick the right dresses for your bridal squad.

Author Bio: Daisy Ainsley, a fashion blogger on different types of dresses like cheap bridesmaid dresses, here writes on blush pink and rose gold bridesmaid dresses that can give a stunning look to your maids.

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