Know how to Doll up with Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses at Your Friend’s Wedding this Summer

Do you want something dramatic and splendid for your friend’s wedding? There could be no better option than sequins. Gold sequins are the best for the celebratory moods. The shiny disks stand out from the crowd and sure, the bridal gang wants nothing more than that. When you are getting ready for your best friend’s wedding, too much of sequins is not a bad idea. Above all, keep your shining star alive in you; let your persona shine through your wardrobe.

So it’s a granted that sequins can amp up your outfit in a unique way. Yes, you may have seen the sequins on the glamorous Hollywood celebs but who is stopping you to experiment with your friends? Going away from the plain and hideous ensemble, the embellished gowns are definitely going to add razzle-dazzle in your wardrobe. Not to mention, the dress will remain as one of the best memory gifts. So, here’s how you should get ready and rock the reception with the bride-to-be.

One Shoulder Mini Dresses

One of the classic bridesmaids dress has to be the mini dress with one shoulder. Of course, the gold sequin bridesmaid dresses are designed to make a woman look chic, sexy, and elegant at the same time. But, the wrong fit can create a huge blunder. You might have come across that the mini dresses go with the tights. However, when you are decking up with sequins, this may not be a smart move. Again, the sparkly short dress is a pick for all. So, the bridesmaids may not have a hard time keeping up the sync. Now, choose the stilettos of a similar shade and hold the white flowers in hand.

A tip to remember – stay steer clear of showing too much skin or going overboard. Your bestie’s wedding is still a formal affair. The super short dresses are befitting for the clubs. Also, the sequins will add the bling factor in the outfit. Don’t think about adorning your neck, ears, or hands with junk jewelry. Let the shimmer do the talking.

Custom Made Mermaid Dresses

The distinctive feature of the dress resembles that of a mythological creature, mermaid. Generally, available in strapless style but the designers do not follow a particular rule. However, bridesmaids with a curvy figure or heavy chest may prefer this one. Also, the hourglass beauties with decent height can look ravishing in this number. The closely fitting style hugs your torso and hips. So, the fishtail-design appears beautifully.

Even you may get lucky when your friend chooses the vintage theme. Mermaid dresses were one of the favorites of the 1950s movie stars. The thin voluminous ruffles add a special style to the look. So, can you picture yourself wearing a beautiful hat along with this elegant gown?

Add Something Burgundy

The glittery gold may appear as too much. It may be too bright for some eyes. To tone the sparkly shade down, the warm burgundy can keep the affair refined. As the eyes are attracted to shiny objects, choose a subtle leather bag. It is better to stay away from the glittery accessories. Additionally, for the shoes, pointy burgundy pumps can add glamour to your whole style.

Get Something Gray

Not often you can see the touch of gray in the bridesmaids’ wardrobes. But, a little touch of gray can let you and your friends make a unique trend. The glittery sequins can create a contrast with the charcoal gray. Because of the ashy neutral shade, the whole outfit will match with the ideal sophistication and versatility.

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Author Bio: Kenny Harris is a lifestyle and fashion blogger with multiple articles on the sequin bridesmaid dresses. Here, he mentions how you can grace the gold sequin bridesmaid dresses just like a fashionista.

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