Use of shampoo to care hair

Shampoo is generally used to clean the hair of excess oil and any kind of unwanted build ups caused due to several factors including unhealthy food habits, exposure to sun and other pollutants over a long period of time. Shampoos are generally lathered onto wet hair focusing on the scalp where sebum in concentrated and provides the cuticle of hair with a protective coating that provides the necessary nourishments also and smoothen the hair with a sleek and shiny finish. Thus shampooing the hair is one of the best practice to keep up the good health of the hair and scalp.

Are all shampoos safe?

As the shampoos are great help fir the water to remove dirt, debris and odor such as smoke or sweat effectively, the use of shampoo is widely accepted and has become one of the regular practice for almost every human. But the thing which everyone should be concerned of is the safety of using just any shampoo. Many shampoo makers have included several chemicals within those to make their profits by providing catchy names or functionalities but what they didn’t observe that the prolonged effect of those with connection to regular use. Continuous interactions of harmful chemicals with the skin scalp or hair makes the hair and scalp most vulnerable to any condition and becomes loose and unhealthy in due course of time.

Concept of medicated shampoo

Just think that the shampoos are getting used regularly without any chance of harm to either hair or scalp and as well as the many problems associated with the hair and scalp is being reduced – yes! That is possible and it is possible due to the use of medicated shampoos. Medicated shampoos are most often used to reduce itching and/or scaling but prescribed and guided use of these shampoos can be a great help to treat bacterial or fungal infections. Puberty, excess stress etc. Can be some extra factors to have medical issues like dandruffs, lice, patches or ringworms in the scalp and these also can be treated with medicated shampoos. And therefore if anybody searches for medicated shampoo India is one of the top users of the same. These shampoos are perfect blend of helpful elements like coal tar, ketoconazole, menthol, iodine complex, salicylic acid, sulfur and many other likely ingredients to claim to be the best in the market.


Though the medicated shampoos perform great actions against several conditions related to hair and scalp but some cautions are there that have to be maintained. These shampoos are not any ordinary hair cleansers. They need to be tested before using and thus consulting a dermatologist is very essential to know how to use it and in what quantity.


Thus, it is clear that medicatedshampoo in India nowadays are becoming more popular due to its high functionality over several hair and scalp conditions. But only guided and proper use can make the result better without any chance to have side effects or harms.

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