Things You Need to Know About Diamond Quality and Certification

Diamonds are forever, and they are definitely a girl’s best friend. It is said that there’s a diamond for every occasion. The notion holds true, but we also need to make sure the gemstone we are going to buy to celebrate an occasion is genuine and of the best diamond quality that money can buy. Additionally, it’s not only about buying a real diamond; it is also about how good your purchase is. The best way to know is to get it certified, or buy certified white diamonds.

Each diamond present in this world has characteristics which make it unique. Some of these characteristics are clear while others can be observed even with the naked eye. Finding a completely faultless diamond is almost as exceptional as discovering an Evergreen tree in the middle of a snowfield.

When it comes to buying white diamonds, it is important to make sure that you buy a certified one. A certified diamond not only ensures you are getting worth of your money, it also means that the diamond you bought is of premium diamond quality.

Diamond certification is done by many laboratories and gemological institutes in U.S. and across the globe. Among them, we are listing the most preferred and trusted certification institutes:

(GIA) Gemological Institute of America:

The Gemological Institute of America is considered as the expert in diamond certification all over the world. This institute has been in service for more than 75 years. Because of their top of the line and advanced labs, education and research centers GIA is acknowledged as the godfather of diamond quality certification. GIA is also accredited to invent the concept of diamond certification. The major benefit of buying a GIA certified diamond is the surety of getting a highest quality gemstone.

(IGI) International Gemological Institution:

The certification standards of IGI are not as stringent as GIA. However, IGI certifications are less expensive and provide certifications comparable to GIA in value.

(EGL) European Gemological Laboratory:

Both colored and white diamonds certified at EGL are evaluated by at least two labs and undergo a subjective grading procedure. Similar to IGI certification, the diamonds certified by EGL may cost less than their GIA certified counterparts.

(AGS) American Gem Society:

In contrast to IGI and EGL certification institutes, the American Gem Society follows even more strict standardizing policies as compared to GIA. Their diamond quality certificates are thoroughly detailed, which also include a precisely plotted diagram of each and every inclusion, both internal and external. Due to this reason, AGS diamonds are famous for grading the ideal cut diamonds, which are distinctively popular for their radiance. An interesting fact that many people are unaware of is that AGS was founded by Robert Shipley, the same person who also formed GIA.

You can opt for any of these certifications as you please or as per your budget. The most vital point to keep in mind is that the only way to know if a salesperson is selling you a genuine diamond is to get it certified. A diamond quality certification is like a seal of genuineness that in turn increases the value of your white diamonds.

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