When you go to a jewelry shop, you may be confused at the different terminologies for describing jewelry worn around the neck. You may not be able to identify a necklace and a pendant. But, that should be no cause for alarm as this guide will inform you of everything you need to know about a necklace, pendant, choker, and chain.

A necklace

A necklace is a terminology used to refer to any jewelry worn around someone’s neck, be it a chain, a string, a rope, or a lace. Necklaces come in various styles and materials. For instance, a metal decorated with beads, diamonds, pearls, or crystal can also be called a necklace. 

Necklaces are useful in enhancing someone’s overall look. The many chances are that the outfit you are currently wearing would look more appealing with a necklace on your neck. That is because there are many styles of necklaces to suit any outfit. If you want to accessorize your outfit with a necklace, ensure the one you choose adds value to your style by buying necklaces you like.


A pendant necklace is a piece of neck jewelry with an item or a precious stone hanging at the chain’s end. Pendants come in different shapes, designs, and sizes, and one piece can have one, two, or more pendants. For instance, a silver pendant necklace with a half-moon symbol or with a violet crystal stone. 

These days, it is easy to get different styles of pendant necklaces, especially when shopping online. Pendants or the small precious stone hanging at the end of the chain add more meaning to a necklace. For instance, a man can buy his girlfriend a pendant necklace with a heart symbol as a sign of love. Pendants on chains draw attention. According to some ladies, pendant necklaces are perfect for date wear as they draw a man’s attention to the neck area, which is known for attractiveness and sensual vibes.

A chain

A chain is any metal that swirls around the neck. It is made of a clasp or lock to hold it in place and for easy removal. Chains also come in various forms, with the most common ones being made of solid gold and silver. Gold and silver are common with chains because they break more efficiently than other metals such as stainless steel. Chains are necklaces used to enhance someone’s look and can also accessorize items such as handbags and shoes. 

A choker

A choker is another type of necklace worn skin tight around the neck. This is unlike the standard necklace that hangs on the chest. While some chokers hug the neck with a tight grip, others leave just enough room for breathing. But all chokes appear as a half circle on your neck rather than a V or U shape. They come in designs such as silver, gold, steel, fabric, or multilayered chokers. You may be familiar with chokers made of black material familiarized by social media some few years ago. Metallic chokers pair well with formal wear, while fabric ones pair with casual wear.


The term necklace is a common name for neck jewelry, but now you know the different types.

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