The Latest in Fashionable Ghagra Cholis, Just for You

Everywhere you go, whether it is a semi-formal or a formal social event, you tend to view the same boring styles in lehengas/ghagras! Even the colours seem to be the same – garish or brilliant red, shimmering golden, etc. Then again, it is not as if you were any different! You seem to be following a similar trend in your choice of apparel and style too! This is because no one seems to have introduced something novel into the existing scenario. Well, you can take up the challenge, by wearing something completely unexpected and unique, specifically at your own wedding! Here are a few ideas for making a fashion statement by experimenting with the following new-age ghagra/lehenga cholis.

Designer Lehenga Choli

When Mukesh Ambani’s daughter, Isha Ambani got married, the whole of India could talk about nothing else for days! People could not help going ooh and aah over the grandeur and expenses associated with the pre-wedding rituals, the actual wedding ceremony and post-wedding festivities! However, what mainly grabbed every woman’s attention was the Designer lehenga that Isha displayed at her Haldi ceremony!

Now, most famous designers offers ghagra choli in different works and fabrics. Such a gown goes anywhere between 3 and 6/7 lakhs, and only a lucky bride manages to display it during her wedding day! Celebrities, such as Alia Bhatt, can afford to pay for this expensive dress too! To illustrate, she looked a dream in it, with its pleasant hues of neon green and shimmering embellishments of silver scattered across the gown from top to bottom!

With Love from Banaras

Oh, yes, Banaras silk is one of the best fabrics for coming into display on this very important day in your life! It is gloriously rich in looks, capable of exhibiting all manner of embellishments without looking gaudy.

True, the heavy fabric is a common sight at weddings and other grand occasions, and suggests nothing novel. However, you could have the lehenga, the choli and the dupatta in three different colours, all contrasting beautifully with one another. This should set you apart from the rest of the crowd!

Trendy Shoulders

How would you like to look like Cinderella attending her dance with the famous prince? Here, the prince is your bridegroom! Well, then, request your couturier to stitch the lehenga skirt with numerous pleats, such that it flares out like a splendid ball gown. The choli may be contemporarily chic in appearance, with a balloon-like sleeve covering just the right shoulder and arm. Let the other well-toned shoulder remain bare.

Alternatively, you could go for a lehenga saree. Ensure that there are twisting and turning layers on this saree, granting you that Victorian look of yesteryears. However, you do not want to look traditional all the way through. Therefore, allow the dupatta to drape self over an elegant, cold-shoulder blouse.

A third option is to go for a flared and shimmering ghagra, which is high at the waist. Team it with a cold-shoulder choli, which makes you look wonderfully sexy and alluring! A dupatta with ruffles suffices to complete the picture. Of course, if you feel that this is being too bold on your wedding day, go for a one-shoulder choli instead.

Novelty Personified

It could be that you are not too keen to have other colours gaining prime importance on this day. Instead, you would like to adhere to traditional red. In view of your ardent desire, stay a brilliant-looking red throughout the wedding rituals then! Allow the lehenga skirt to have intricate embroidery displayed all over it. Only threads should come into play here, nothing else. This skirt should team well with a peplum choli. The choli should exhibit matching embroidery on it. Finally, complete the ensemble with a dupatta created from sheer net.

If you are shy of wearing something so bright, you might go for a chiffon affair in dusty pink. Chiffon is lightweight and glamorous in looks. Since it is your wedding day, add some grandeur to the skirt by dotting it with appliqué embroidery. As for the top, a bustier with noodle straps should make you look quite sophisticated.

Finally, there is the ghagra choli, which shimmers and glitters, as you move around! Yes, you are looking forward to your entry into a new chapter in your life, and you might as well

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