Reverse Balayage Hair Shade Ideas In 2019

Reverse balayage hair is a new trend in the hair industry, and many people don’t understand what this is. If you are in this group, don’t worry as we have everything you need to know here. As the name suggests, this is a balayage only that the hues are painted the opposite.

So, the dark hues don’t go from dark to light, rather the roots remain light, and the colour becomes dark towards the ends. You can create many styles using this technique. Here are some reverse balayage hair hue variation ideas you should consider. There is a haircut for any woman!

  1. Reverse Brunette Balayage.

Our list starts with this gorgeous balayage hair. The crown is kept light, and then the locks gradually transform into a dark chocolate colour. This is a light shade change, so it is ideal for the women who need something exemplary without going too overboard.

  1. Warm to Dark Blonde Reverse Balayage.

If you need a style that makes a statement for you, then you should opt for this warm to dark blonde balayage. The hair at the top is maintained light blonde that gradually changes into caramel hue and then finally into brown on the tips. This is a pretty trendy style that is suitable for both brunettes and blondes.

  1. Red Reverse Balayage Hair Colour.

This is reverse red balayage hairstyle for women with red locks. The names start with a red shade that dramatically changes to dark then browns on the roots. This hue changes from red to brown is a modern trend. The colour change works well for all red colours, and the colour of the tips could be lighter or darker.

  1. Light Blonde Balayage.

Among the colours that complement each other so perfectly, brown and light blonde are special colours. They do it so better that you love the combo. While you can like it more than in the reverse balayage hair, here the light blonde hair colour blends gradually into brown shades.  Any blonde colour would be ideal for this style from dark blondes to platinum colours. It is a stunning hair colour that looks great on anyone.

  1. Purple Reverse Balayage.

Who said you should always utilise natural hues for reverse balayage? Maybe you can opt for something vibrant and bold like the purple colour. The colour is added on the roots and then blended into light purple. A style like this is ideal for women looking for a total change of their hairstyle.

  1. Dark Tone Balayage.

You don’t have to always reveal the obvious colour transformation with balayage. You could also go for something light like this. Keep the locks dark from the base to the ends, but here you can use different colours. This is a beautiful look for women who need to have a taste of the trend without altering their hair so much.

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