Stuhrling Original Quartz Watches Are A Trendy Twist On Classics

The best thing about Stuhrling:

Stuhrling Original, with its roots in the name of master Swiss watchmaker Max Stuhrling adheres to the Swiss watch-making standards despite their production on the American soil. Stuhrling also manages to keep their watches in the affordable range (now, we’ll keep aside the debate about affordability here) and keeps a lot of interesting features available within the price range; nevertheless, what will surprise you more is their ability to offer trendy twists on the classic designs. Not that they are something you might consider absolutely essential, but at the end of the day, all you look for is a considerable amount of reliability with top of the chart aesthetics. So, by the end of the day, not just they tell the time accurately but also look good.

What Stuhrling watches are

No matter how much of a trendy twist on classic designs Stuhrling puts into their watches, the basic approach revolves around the very essences of simplicity, which is good and just works fine. Stuhrling watches are not meant for wearing only when you are wandering about in the wilderness; they are also meant for places dazzling with great warmth and fervor of socializing. So, sporty, steel models co-exist with the elegant, gold-plated pieces.

Despite their name for being a brand making entry-level quartz watches, the heavy, stylistic bent of Stuhrling watches are almost at par with costlier offerings from more established brands. They are impressive, both in terms of build, craftsmanship and quality. Their creations are more than just decent-looking and their range, diverse.

When it comes to the women’s watches, Stuhrling’s Vogue collection says it all! Reflecting the lifestyles featured in the famous fashion magazine, the Stuhrling Vogue targets stylish women with its decorative appearance. There’s red, there’s pink; there are Swarovski gems – all get together to emphasize upon feminine attraction at its best.

The most popular Stuhrling lines:

Stuhrling’s Prestige series is the one to look for the best of trendy twists on classic designs. Prominent models with powerful sport features include the Ocean Maverick; for something more specific, look into the Monaco series. Sporty and classic, they resemble the classic designs once opted by IWC Schaffhausen.

However, it’s the skeleton models (partly or fully) like the Winchester from Stuhrling Original that really qualifies as avant-garde timepieces. Or, for something more exotic, go for the Polaris Dual-time; it combines traditional features such as Roman numerals and Breguet hands with the convenience of tracking a second time zone.

However, the most distinctive feature of Stuhrling Original Quartz Watches are the Krysterna crystal, with its beginnings in the optics industry. Among its many advantages, it is extremely scratch resistant and you need a substantial amount of pressure to break it.

Whether you’re going for pure looks or just looking for a decent watch that’s going to tick for considerably long keeping accurate time¬†Stuhrling Original Women’s Watch¬†with a twist on classic designs is surely going to bowl you over.

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