Cool Kids Clothing – Protect Your Child in The Summer

Children should always wear fun, colorful, comfortable and durable yet cool kids clothing. Today, many clothing stores are focusing on designing clothes exclusively for children. Parents now have many options while buying clothes for their children.

Many stores now design clothes for the different seasons. There are many shops that sell summer clothes that protect your child from the harsh sun. These cool kids clothing are available in many online stores. Sunscreens can be easily washed off in children as they sweat in the heat. Sunscreen protection clothing is a better option that can help protect your child from the sun during play-time or while splashing about in the pool.

How The Sun Affects Your Skin

The sun gives out three main types of ultraviolet rays towards Earth, which can damage your skin. The three types of ultraviolet rays are: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA are the most common form of rays, which cause cancer and form wrinkles on your skin. UVB rays are more severe and cause cataract and may affect your immune system. UVB rays also cause sunburns before the age of 20, which is why it is essential to protect your child from the sun. UVC rays are very damaging, but the ozone layer does not allow these rays to reach us.

Protect Your Child

All children need protection from the sun, regardless of the temperature outside or their skin tone. Cool kids clothing along with a good sunscreen is the best option for your child. Sunscreen clothing, contrary to popular misconceptions, is quite fashionable, and offers all-day SPF 30 protection. These clothing lines include clothes, hats, gloves, and umbrellas.

These ultra high-tech sunscreen clothes are designed to block the harmful rays of the sun. Just like sunscreen, there are SPF and UPF rating for these clothes. Some of these protective clothes even have special features like air vents in the underarm areas, roll-up collars that protect the neck, and cuffs with hand flaps that are retractable.


Most of these sun protection clothing are made with tightly-woven fabric and are made from synthetic fibers like cotton, nylon, and polyester. Nylon is the most popular fiber used to make sun-protective clothing for kids.

While these cool kids clothing cannot substitute using sun-protection items like a hat or sunscreen, they can be used along with these options to help protect your child’s skin from an early age. By taking care of your child’s skin in the early days, you can help prevent them getting skin cancer when they are adults.

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