Simple Guide to Ordering Custom Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift or an engagement gift for your fiancée, you should go beyond pre-designed jewelry. While there is nothing wrong with pre-designed jewelry, considering designer jewellery australia online will surely impress the receiver – not because of the cost but because of the thought.

Fortunately, you can easily have a custom-designed piece. If it is your first time commissioning a unique piece, a little research can go a long way. Here’s a start:

Look for the right designer

The first step is to look for the right designer. There are many companies that will offer the creation of custom pieces but you must remember that not all are created equal. To find the right one, here are some factors you need to look into:

  • Experience: you need to determine the experience of the designer. A reputable designer has several years of experience when it comes to creating, designing and selling fine jewelry.
  • Jewelers: the right company employs skilled and certified jewelers. This will ensure that they are masters of their craft. Since there are different certifications and memberships, the company should be transparent with their certifications so you can easily verify it.
  • Reviews: if you are considering online designers, you should read reviews before committing. Reading reviews will give you an insight into the experiences of other customers. While you are at it, you should check the rating. The better the rating, the better the outcome or design experience.

Look for inspirations

The next thing that you should do is to look for jewelry designs. Jewellery Designing Ideas are abundant if you do your research. If it is a gift, you have to know the person well so you can decide the type of jewelry they want. Part of looking for inspiration is investigating gemstone setting, band, and metal. As much as possible, you need to find pictures of similar jewelry that you want to recreate.

Assess your budget

Everything will depend on your budget but since it is custom jewelry, expect that it can get a bit expensive. Custom jewelry can get expensive because it requires more time and labor. Though there are many lavish designs, you should still let your finances decide.

Check timeline

Custom jewelry is not something that you order today then pick up the next day. It takes time. While it varies from one jeweler to another, an average timeline might take two to three weeks to complete. With this, you need to give it time and plan accordingly.

Sign a contract

Signing a contract is important to protect your investment. Before commencing, the jeweler should present a contract and if you are amenable, you can sign it. Contracts are important to ensure that there won’t be any discrepancies when the product is complete. In general, the contract can guarantee that the price, elements and delivery date are to your satisfaction.

Final words

In the end, it pays to know the process of commissioning a custom-designed piece before diving in. You have to consider custom jewelry because it will allow you to relish in the fact that your loved one has a truly unique piece.

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