Vanity Mirrors: The Top Three You Should Check Out

Vanity Mirrors

People use a vanity mirror for various purposes. These include checking their appearance, applying makeup, and styling hair among others. This kind of mirror is not only functional but also adds to the aesthetic of your home or at least your room. A vanity table used to be a dressing table in the 19th century. People in the 18th century called it a toilet table.

A vanity mirror is usually several inches less than the vanity table. Most vanity mirrors are about 42 to 44 inches to avoid overpowering the room. There are several sites, like, where you can get vanity mirrors. With plenty of options, choosing can be a bit daunting. Here are some of the great choices you might want to check.

Allure spotlight mirror

This vanity mirror is available in two colors, white or gold. It is a combined LED mirror and organizer with various compartments for your things. The bright LED mirror prevents unnecessary shadowing. You can adjust the brightness with its touch function. You can tilt the mirror up to 25 degrees and rotate it up to 360 degrees. There is also a mini 5x magnifying mirror with a suction attachment for easy removal. You need 4 AA batteries or a micro USB to charge it.

Wanderluxe mirror

The Wanderluxe is very lightweight which makes it great for those who are always on the move. Available in white or gold, it can make any space glamorous in no time. There are bright LEDs surrounding the large mirror which you can adjust with a button. The temperature control button lets you adjust the light to make it perfect for every skin tone and mood. You can tilt the mirror up to 25 degrees. Its base has a tray for more storage.

Crystal vanity mirror

The glittering crystals give this glamorous vanity mirror a contemporary luxurious look. Luvo Store designed this first-ever crystal vanity mirror in Australia.  The Australian Safety Standards approved this piece. The temperature controls let you adjust it to cool, neutral, or warm. The adjustable brightness ensures you get enough glow for every occasion. The studio-quality illumination it provides attracts almost all glam lovers. It even has a Bluetooth sound system with touch screen functions and a 2-year warranty. The duo-tone LED lights are energy efficient.

Whatever your preference is, there is a vanity mirror that will suit your style. Check out Luvo Store for their ultimate statement pieces.

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