Uncover Your Very Own Goldmine With Social Media Marketing Opportunities From Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon was founded in 1997 by Karen and Curt Waisath. This is an income opportunity which helps you earn money through social media marketing. What started as a business out of the kitchen has fast turned into a major success, with rapid expansion not only in candle making, but also in other fields. At present, the company is operated in Chandler, Arizona through a network of over 25000 Independent Demonstrators who are located across North America.

The range of Gold Canyon products includes home and personal care products as well as candles. Of late, this company has expanded into the field of natural cleaning products, with customers making purchases online or at home parties through a demonstrator. Gold Canyon is also a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Gold Canyon offers Marketers a Veritable Opportunity

Gold Canyon is a well known retailer of quality based scented candles as well as candle accessories. The catalog or home party based candle company offers a line of products that can be purchased all over the country through the Gold Canyon Candle Demonstrators or online. You will often find a number of retailers who recommended their products. The privately owned company specializes in home based perfumed candles, trimmers, wick dippers, home sprays as well as body and bath care products.

The specialty of these candles is that they include a wax blend along with double wicks to ensure even burning. This also does away with wasted wax near the glass. Some of the famous Gold Canyon scents include: cinnamon vanilla bella, cranberry flirtini, coconut mango, pool towel, cobbler on the porch, crème brule, and baby magic among other heavenly fragrances. Hence, ladies who are keen on hosting unique smelling candle parties and fundraisers can look up to Gold Canyon as just the right MLM Company which answers their needs.

The numerous candles as well as wellness products are listed as bath, body and home based scents. The candles also offer ample product variations and these are available in different shades, sizes and shapes. The body lotions, for instance, are made of natural ingredients including chamomile, calendula and green tea extracts. The components are effective in restoring your skin, making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Chic scented candles emit perfumes of different sorts including oak moss, vanilla and soft musk, with hints of lavender when it is lighted. With the soft and feminine fragrances, you can unwind after a hectic day. The room fragrances are derived from floral and fruit based extracts which trap the smell of freshly laundered bed linen.

Gold Canyon MLM

The multi level marketing opportunity from this company brings the finest perfumed products to people and helps them make a living by marketing them. You can hence sell the products online through social media marketing or organize home parties to tap in to your potential market. Those who want to market online can submit relevant articles on directories or use Twitter and Facebook. This is how individuals get the option of exploring their natural talents. The stress at Gold Canyon is on charity, community, friendship and family. You can do a bit of research to find the reps in your area to get started.

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