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What is beauty according to you?

Beauty in a human is a combination of their qualities, like their shape, size, colour, and behaviour. Beauty isn’t what one can see from outside real beauty comes from inside. Beauty is a form of art that pleases the sense of sight. Beauty is the ascription of a character or property of a fixed person, object, animal, things, etc. Human outer beauty fades away with growing age. The skin grows old day by day the skin gets wrinkled and gets dark spots on the faces. For this problem, many people take treatment. Lumea Aesthetics gives these treatments to their customers.

Beauty Salons:

A beauty salon or beauty parlour is establishing and dealing with cosmetics treatments for men and women. These parlours offer their customers haircuts and spa facilities. A beauty salon differs from a hair salon. Although many businesses provide treatments of both beauty and hair. The features of a beauty salon are –

  • Service-related to skin health: It allows proper care of the skin and nourishes it with wealthy ingredients.
  • Facial: In this treatment, the employee of the salon massages the facial and neck skin of the customer to make it more firm and beautiful. It helps in tightening the facial skin and makes it glowing.
  • Foot Care: It takes proper care of the foot. Foot massage is an essential therapy for feet. It helps in relaxing the muscles around the feet.
  • Nail Manicure: In this process, the employee of the parlour cuts the nails of customers in various shapes.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses natural herbal plants. It helps in promoting the health of a person. This treatment uses aromatic oils to improve the health, mind and spirit of a person.
  • Mud Bath: Mud bath is an extravagant feature of a beauty salon. It has been considered that specific quality of mud, i.e., Multani Soil, is beneficial for brightening the skin. It is an essential element of beauty treatment.

Lumea Aesthetics provides all these features to its customers. They also provide some extra facilities like Oxygen Therapy, Hair cut, and so on.

Beauty Treatments:

Beauty treatment is a common term nowadays. Every person goes to parlours or salons for a beauty treatment. These treatments help the skin to repair its cells and make it more bright and compact. Messaging is an essential element in beauty treatment. These treatments include hair removal from face and body, Waxing, Threading, Manicure, Facial, etc. The beauty parlours help in improving the beauty of the skin of a person. Beauty parlours also treat problems like sun tanning, wrinkle, dark circles, and dark spots from the face. These beauty treatments are also beneficial for industries.

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