How to Spot a Fake Designer

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Luxury fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are adored around the world. Most people associate these brands with high-quality fashion products like handbags, wallets, shoes and other accessories. Any authentic product which bears one of these brand names will cost hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Because of this, scam artists like to take advantage of the luxury fashion market by selling fake versions of these products. In fact, they have created a $600 billion industry out of selling knock-off fashion products.

Sometimes it is so hard to tell which products are the genuine ones. That is why so many consumers continue to get tricked by these scammers.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can tell whether you have a real luxury branded product or not. In this example, we will examine the top 5 ways to spot fake Gucci bags or Louis Vuitton bags.

Check the Price

Anytime you purchase a real Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag, it is going to cost you at least $500. A lot of scammers try to play it smart by not charging the same high prices as legitimate sellers do. Scammers set discounted prices on their counterfeit fashion products to make consumers think they are getting a good deal.

Whereas a real Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Monogram would cost $795, a scammer may charge $100 or $200 for their knock-off version. Of course, the consumer thinks they’re getting the real product at a good price, so they are more than happy to spend the money.

Do not fall for this trick, though, because you will never find a discount that good on an authentic version of the product.

Check the Shipping Location

If you ordered a luxury branded fashion product online, the easy way to tell whether it is authentic is by checking to see where the shipment is coming from. If the location is anywhere in Asia or the Middle East, then you can assume it is not a genuine product you are purchasing.

Asia, in particular, is notorious for their counterfeiting operations. Luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton do not outsource cheap labour from these countries. You should expect the shipment to come directly from a company in a European country, such as France or Italy.

Check the Leather Texture

Many authentic luxury products are made of genuine leather. If you come across a product which is advertised as having authentic leather, examine its texture very carefully. True leather has an irregular texture pattern, while artificial leather has a pattern that looks aligned and consistent.

You may see small pores or bumps in the texture, which means it is chemically engineered and not real leather. Also, you can smell the leather to determine whether it has a leather scent or a strange chemical scent.

Check the Tags and Logo

The tags are usually a dead giveaway. An authentic handbag will not actually indicate that it is “100% authentic leather” or 100% anything. Be wary of tags which mention this. Tags should only have the brand logo, size information, and where it was made (e.g. Made in Italy).

Also, check for spelling errors on the tags too because many of these scam artists do not speak very good English. They will often misspell words on them. As for the brand logo, it is often engraved on the zipper pulls or some other metal area of an authentic handbag product. If you see stamped logos on the material, then it is likely fake.

Check the Packaging

Designer brands do not just focus on making the perfect fashion product. They also focus on making perfect packaging too. Things like shopping bags, boxes, tissue paper, and dust bags should all bear the brand logo on them. If your product is inside of a plain bag or box with no branding information on it, then it is definitely counterfeit.

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