Gorgeous Simple Mehandi Design for the Mother of the Bride

Like a bride, her mother also has tons of things to look after in a wedding. After all, it’s her daughter wedding and she cannot accept anything less than the best. In the hustle of wedding bride’s mother barely gives attention to the quintessential things like her outfit, hairstyle, Mehandi design etc.

A Mehandi ceremony is probably the only event where the bride’s mother can breath off easily and savor some priceless moments with her little princess before saying bid adieu to her. Being the mother of the bride your Mehandi game should be top-notch for your lovely daughter’s wedding. To all the loving mothers out there, we have collated fuss-free and absolutely gorgeous simple Mehndi designs that you will love to have.

  • Bold and Thick Mehandi Design



If intricate and garish Mehndi designs are not of your taste, then the thick and bold Mehandi design will surely dazzle you. In this Mehandi design, borders of the different Mehandi patterns stay thick to give the Mehndi a mature look.

  • Ornamental Mehandi Design

How about giving your Mehandi design a stunning ornamental look? Ornamental Mehandi design is also the hot-favorite of the brides-to-be. The best part about this Mehandi design is you can create a myriad of variations within in the existing Mehandi design, like, middle finger ring, finger chains, bracelet etc.

  • Minimal Mehandi Design

If you like the things simple and clutter-free, the minimal Mehandi design is just for you! In minimal Mehndi designs, Mehndi is applied only on tip of fingers and they do rest of the talking.

  • Floral Mehandi Design

Nothing sways away like the charm and sophistication of floral Mehndi designs. It is probably one of the most sought-after among the bride’s moms. The stunning floral patterns are drawn all over the hand to achieve a swoon-worthy Mehndi appearance.

  1.  Single Mandala Mehandi Design

It is perhaps the most common Mehandi design but also simple and elegant at the same time. In single Mandala Mehandi design, a large circle with the several intriguing patterns in drawn which render the feeling of some energy chakra or sun. A must have Mehandi design for the mother of the bride.

  • Single Stroke Mehandi Design

This Mehandi design is something unique and worth flaunting off. What make this Mehandi design truly astonishing are big floral patterns which are connected with the single designer stroke. Know more about latest mehandi designs and book mehandi artist for your wedding from https://www.shaadidukaan.com/

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