Do Aquamarine Rings Have Spiritual Power?

To answer the question, first, it is important to know what Aquamarine rings are. These are rings made of aquamarine stones, which basically have the purest blue colour that is similar to the sea. The word originated from Latin ‘aqua Marinus’, which means ‘Water of the sea’. The colour is so beautiful that even water seems to shy away in front of it. 

This stone belongs to the Beryl family. Aquamarine is moved in the African countries and Brazil and Asia. Although sometimes it can be mistaken by another similar stone, namely blue topaz which looks identical. Though they look similar aquamarine is more valuable because blue topaz is manufactured in the industry by treating colourless topaz with radiation. The natural colour of aquamarine is bluish-green but when exposed to heat it turns bluer. Therefore the Aquamarine rings are made, the stone is exposed to heat and the stone appears bluish in colour. 

Birth Story of Aquamarine Stone 

As mentioned earlier the name means ‘water of the sea’, it’s natural the stone has some connections with legends. Legend says the time was used by the sails as a protection from the disaster at sea. They believed this alone would save them from the high waves, story nights, and so on. This stone is beloved to keep the waves calm and the sky clear.  That is why it got its name’ sailors stone’. Even the celebrities and Queen Elizabeth herself was obsessed with this stone. On the day Queen Elizabeth ll was being coronated, the president of Brazil presented her necklace and earrings made of aquamarine. She became so obsessed with its beauty that she made all her jewellery out of it. Rings, bracelets, tiaras, etc. It is said that the time is so beautiful that anyone can go crazy just looking at it. 

Aquamarine Rings are Birthstone Rings

Aquamarine is said to be the birthstone of March babies. These birthstones are said to hold immense power. Therefore, any spiritual reader will definitely ask a march baby to wear Aquamarine rings, necklace, pendant, or bracelets.

If you are fond of astrological science, you must be knowing about the spiritual properties of the aquamarine stone. According to astrology if the birth month for a baby is march, he or she must keep the aquamarine stone in body touch. Best way to keep this stone in body touch is by wearing an aquamarine ring. The blue diamond looks really good on the fingers.

Properties of Aquamarine Stone

As you read above, it is associated with spirituality; Aquamarine stones are associated with ‘throat chakras’ which helps an individual overcome the fear of speaking. Therefore astrologer always recommends wearing an Aquamarine stone to people who want to find spirituality in their life. Also, it is said to control extreme emotions like anger. These stones are the epitome of compassion, endurance, intelligence, harmony, calmness, courage, and so on. 

This stone, in particular, is said to be a blessing for the students with difficulty in learning because it enhances intelligence. It stimulates the intellectual reasoning and immediate response to any extreme situation calmly. The stone bestows the wearer with calmness, endurance, and discipline. Aquamarine stone is said to emit some really positive energies kike, compassion, humanity, moderateness, responsibility, and so on. It can be said as a humanitarian stone. 

Aquamarine stone also has an important usage; it is used to bring peace in the lives of disturbed couples. It basically encourages a lover to love fiercely even when the situation is against them. It helps keep love alive between couples. When two people of different lifestyles live together, chaos might arise, but when you wear an Aquamarine ring, you will be blessed with tolerance, harmony, and understanding of compassion. Aquamarine stones are often used as live stones. Couples gift each other with aquamarine rings that have the magical power to help keep the bond forever, if not forever, at least for this life! Moreover, if you want peace, prosperity, you should gift yourself with an Aquamarine ring for self-clarity! 

Aquamarine Rings and its connection to Healing

Aquamarine stones have healing powers that saints and basically spiritual readers have been recommending for ages. Let’s take an insight into the healing powers of Aquamarine. 

Physical healing 

It is the stone of breath and lungs which help keep your preparatory track clean. It can heal sinus, frequent cough, and cold and chronic allergies related to the lungs and breathing. It also has a few to heal tired and wrinkled eyes if the stone is kept on the eyelids for 20 minutes or more. 

Emotional healing 

It’s a stone of the water element from the five elements that make up everything. It helps cleanse emotionally high and helps in healing. It makes you a better communicator of emotions that you might have lacked previously. It helps balance excessive anger and discomfort providing calmness and positivity to emotional health. It also helps remove the resistance that restricts the transition of the emotional being present inside your body.

Healing and Balancing Energy 

It is called the throat chakra which releases the energy from the heart to the throat. If the energy is not channelized properly it can lead to disbalances among the other chakras of the body. When we realize the ‘ultimate truth’ the chakras start releasing its power and that is when the balance starts. 

Should you buy Aquamarine Rings?

If you are a matching baby and you can match your characterizes with any of the mentioned characters (opposite) then, it is time that you get the ring. This can be a signal from God, that you need to get yourself an Aquamarine ring if you wish to overcome any of the situations you are facing and you don’t like it. 


Aquamarine rings are available on all the reputed the jewellery stores and on the online stores, buy from a trusted website because fake aquamarine stones look similar to the original and it would be impossible to distinguish if you aren’t a jeweller. Get yourself some peace, compassion, love, discipline, intellectual spirituality, and happiness with these aquamarine rings made of the precious stone, ‘the protector of your water element’! 

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