Clear Signs That It’s Time to Buy Extra Wide Shoes

Great shoes are a dream to wear, are comfortable all day long, and provide plenty of support when walking and running. Unfortunately, many people are wearing the wrong shoes, not because they have chosen the wrong size, but because they opted for narrow or regular shoes when they need something wider. While wide shoes are becoming more and more common, people who need a little additional space will want to opt for extra wide shoes. Knowing the signs that it’s time to look for an extra wide option will reduce foot pain and keep people healthy.

There’s Discolouration in the Toes

One of the clear signs that it’s time to buy extra wide shoes is when a person is experiencing discolouration on their toes. This occurs because of friction due to shoes being too small and toes being confined in a toe box that is too small. Unfortunately, this discolouration will not go away on its own, which means that people need to be willing to invest in some shoes that are significantly wider to address the problem.

Friction Is Causing Blisters

Blisters on feet can be incredibly painful, making it difficult to even walk from one place to another. When shoes aren’t wide enough for the feet, then they will rub skin on various areas of the foot. This can easily cause blisters, which are painful and unsightly. When the shoe rubs on the foot, then it removes the top layer of the skin, leaving behind open wounds that can become infected. Investing in extra wide shoes is the best way to combat this problem.

Bunions Make It Difficult to Walk

When shoes are too tight, they can also cause bunions, which form on the side of the big toe where it attaches to the foot. These bumps are bony and incredibly pressure sensitive, which means that pain can be triggered when wearing shoes that are too tight. When people don’t treat their bunions by buying extra wide shoes, then the problem will only get worse and may require surgery. Wide Fit Shoes is a noteworthy company that is perfect for ordering great fitting shoes.

Anyone experiencing these problems needs to make sure that they invest in some extra wide fitting shoes to take care of the issues. These wider shoes make walking more comfortable and can easily take care of a lot of the foot problems that people face.

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