Benefits of Personalised Keepsake Boxes for Alzheimer Patients

When it comes to buying a gift for a family member that is suffering from Alzheimer’s, you want to choose something that will benefit them and the family in the long run. Having any family member with any form of dementia can be devastating and can take its toll on family members on a daily basis, which is why you may want to consider a personalised keepsake box, something that can be used when family is around to make the situation a little more relaxed, special and fun.

One of the many benefits of a personalised keepsake box for an Alzheimer patient is that it can help them remember people. You can place their memories in the box and then take it out when visiting, helping them see and identify with people that they know. This can be rewarding and take the edge off your visit. With the patient being able to recognise family will make you want to spend more time with the person, helping them remember their past with each visit.

Using a personalised keepsake box can also help the patient remember certain events in their life. This can be anything from the precious memories of their wedding day to remembering the birth of their children. Caregivers can use the box on a regular basis to work with the patient to help them with their memory loss and ensure that they get to enjoy some memories from time to time.

Making use of a keepsake box when visiting or working with an Alzheimer patient can also help you strike up conversation. You can ask them about the people in the photograph if you are trying to get them to recognise their family or you can ask them about particular events in their life. You can also use the box to tell them different stories about their own lives, ensuring that you give them good quality of life with loads of memories moving forward.

It is worthwhile when creating a personalised keepsake box for someone with Alzheimer’s that you put in some memories of their youth. You want them to remember their parents, where they grew up, what school they went to and things that they did and enjoyed. With this form of dementia, they have no idea of their youth or their family and simple items can spark memories and help them enjoy these memories now and in the future with a little bit of daily help.

In addition to the memories a keepsake box provides a patient, it also encourages touch and feel. It gets the patient using their senses to identify with different items and relate to them. It also brings out their creativity, helping them to be constructive daily.

There are numerous items you may want to include in a personalised keepsake box to help your family member remember or at least see what their live was and what they achieved over the years.

Make use of photographs, artwork from children and grandchildren and post cards to give them the memories of places they have been and seen. You will also want to add some souvenirs, things that they may have collected over the years that could possibly spark some form of memory. This may be an item they purchased on a holiday with the family to a ticket that was used to see their favourite musician in concert.

Choose a personalised keepsake box that is strong and durable and can hold all the memories you want to share with your family member. Something you can add to on a regular basis.

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