4 Styling Things You Should Avoid When Wearing Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are quite comfy and they are especially perfect for summer. These dresses are very popular with bridesmaids, but you can find all kinds of designs to suit proms, formal events and casual events as well. You can choose from the huge range of floral prints, patterns, solid colors and designs to suit your personal preferences and the event at hand. When paired with the right jewelry and accessories, you can be sure to make dramatic statements in your maxi dresses.

But just like any other type of dress, there are things that work with maxi dresses and things that won’t work at all as far as styling is concerned. Simple mistakes can end up ruining a stylish dress and you therefore need to step forward and do justice to that maxi dress that you have selected for your event. Below are some of the injustices you should try and avoid with these dresses.

Dressing your body type wrong

It is one of the worst mistakes you can make not just with the maxis but with any other kind of dress. Failing to dress your body type correctly means that you will end up looking off even if you have a million dollar dress on. Considering that broader torsos draw attention to the legs, select maxis that are sleeveless and those with slits to balance out your body. Empire line maxis on the other hand should work magic for those with narrow waists. Know your body type first and you will have an easy time making your choice.

Wearing leggings

They may make you feel comfortable and confident, but they will end up ruining your fashionable dress. If your dress has slits that are too high making you a little uncomfortable, it is better to go for cycling shorts instead of leggings. Cycling shorts, especially in nude colors will offer you the comfort and confidence you need without looking odd.

Too many accessories

The right accessories can brighten even the dullest maxi dresses, but you really do not want to end up over doing them otherwise your look will lack the balance it deserves. The accessories should be guided but the dress style you select. For instance, you can dress up a maxi dress that reveals most necks using only a dainty necklace or you can throw in a chunky bracelet to style a sleeveless dress. The last thing you should ever do is to wear everything together as it will only work against you in the end.

Wearing wrong lingerie

Nothing can rob you off elegance as fast as visible bra lines and panty lines. This makes it very important for you to choose the correct lingerie to wear with the type of maxi that you choose. Seamless underwear should for instance be your choice when going for a body hugging dress. In the case of a noodle strapped maxi dress, then you should consider going for bra color that complements the dress. This way, you can ensure straps look just okay, even when they show.

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