Finding Classy and Stylish Church Clothes – Tips and Tricks

Church Clothes

Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming to go shopping for regular clothes. It even gets a bit more complicated when you try shopping for church clothes. A lot of women can relate to this situation because of the limited selection of fashion boutiques and online shops. Nevertheless, it’s not really impossible to find classy pieces that you can wear to attend the Sunday service. 

Not sure where you should start? If you’re a total noob in shopping for Sunday clothes, you should first understand how to dress appropriately.

Choosing the right dress for church

Some folks firmly believe that the clothes people wear to church doesn’t matter that much. For them, it’s more important for churchgoers to come wholeheartedly to serve and worship. Then, of course, there are some classy fashion boutiques that offer modest church dresses. So which one do you follow?

Experts suggest that you should wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Feel free to wear the clothes that you want as long as you think that it looks respectful. If you’re more at ease when you wear formal clothing, then, by all means, use them. If casual dresses feel more normal and respectful, wear them.

Take the time to understand what works for you. This way when you check boutiques or online shops, you can easily pinpoint the pieces you should buy.

Tips when choosing new clothes

Having a clear concept of the dresses or other clothes that you need to attend Sunday church service is just the first step. There are plenty of other things you need to consider such as the quality of the material, your personal style, and your budget.

If you have defined your personal preferences yet, you should do a bit of research. Go to social media platforms such as IG or Pinterest and look for inspiration. Use relevant search terms such as modest fashion, modest dresses or church clothes. Using these search phrases, you can look at inspirational content that will help you outline how you want to define your personal style.

Try to deconstruct your top picks and find out what items were used to create the look. Do you already have the item in your wardrobe? Which ones do you still need to buy from your favorite shop?

Also, consider the general theme that you observed from your chosen looks. Does it look boho chic? Is your preferred style leaning towards the vintage era? By identifying which style you can relate with, you can select items that go well together. It will also allow you to search or create a more laser-focused lookbook.

Lastly, you must check the quality of the material and its price. Is it worth your money? Can you pair it with other pieces you already have? How does it feel on you? Does it make you feel confident? How about the hemlines and necklines? Do they at least meet the basic dress code in your church? 

Learn to identify which look works best for you

As you become a regular shopper, you will begin to notice items that don’t really go well with your personal style. Take advantage of this learning opportunity and make necessary adjustments. 

You should also constantly check your closet. This way, you know which items you should keep and which ones you should discard or give away. Find out if the hemline is still appropriate for church. How about the fit of the fabric? Does it feel too tight or too loose? 

It all depends on you!

Don’t be afraid to experiment on the outfits you wear on Sundays. As long as it looks decent to you, then go ahead and wear it. Check every option available to you. Try them out and determine if it resonates with your style. More importantly, invest your money in church apparel that you can use for years. Are you ready to go shopping for church dresses and tops today?

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